WHY DON’T WE Member ZACH HERRON Reveals He Has Filipino Blood!

Ai dela Cruz

Posted at September 06, 2018

We’ve got “8 letters” for you: FILIPINO!

Zach Herron of Why Don’t We revealed that he's actually part-Filipino during our MYXclusive interview with the American pop boy band before their first-ever show in Manila. After his bandmates enumerated their own reasons why they've always wanted to come to the Philippines, the Texas native added that his mother was born here and that he’s “like a quarter Filipino.”

Check out all the deets in this excerpt of my MYXclusive interview with Corbyn, Daniel, JackJonah, and Zach of WDW, where each of them also shared their most favorite thing in the world!

Bring your beautiful Mom with you on your next visit here, Zach! But while we wait for that homecoming, check out WDW's debut album 8 Letters:

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