7 Empowering Anthems From DEMI LOVATO

Camille Santos

Posted at August 20, 2018

We've seen Demi Lovato get back up each time she falls down. The singer and mental health advocate isn't afraid to share her own stories of struggle and inspire fans to be the light for others who are still in the dark. She uses her celebrity status and her music as a platform to change the stigma around mental illness, addiction and the LGBTQ community.

And these are exactly why she's on our list of the strongest and most independent women out there. Scroll down below for a list of Demi's songs that emboldens the empowered women inside us.

Sorry Not Sorry

Courtesy: Demi Lovato


Courtesy: Demi Lovato


Courtesy: Demi Lovato


Courtesy: Demi Lovato

Give Your Heart A Break

Courtesy: Demi Lovato

Fire Starter

Courtesy: Demi Lovato

And lastly, Sober because it takes a lot of courage to admit our weaknesses.

Courtesy: Demi Lovato

Demi, you're an angel. Thank you for not giving up on battling your demons. Please know that we love you no matter what.

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