Best Reactions To VJ DONNY Asking HALSEY About Her Favorite BTS Member!

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 14, 2018

VJ Donny sat down with Halsey for a MYXclusive interview prior to her Manila concert last August 10! Since the "Bad At Love" hitmaker reunited with BTS in Seoul just days earlier, we had to know who was her favorite member of the Korean idol group!

Upon posting the interview on our official Twitter account, ARMYs from all over the world had a lot to say about it! Check out some of the best reactions here:

The happy hearts of NamSey shippers when Halsey adorably picked RM as her fave

The sound of HopeSey crying

The confused fans

Louder for the people in the back - or affected by the rain. (Keep safe!)

This meme, of course. One you can literally use in any situation.

Lastly, VJ Donny stealing the show "lookin' like a whole 5 course meal".

Yep, can't help but appreciate that man on the right!

Kasi naman, VJ Donny.

Watch a portion of VJ Donny's MYXclusive interview with Halsey here:

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