All The Times SHAWN MENDES Proved He's Boyfriend Material

Camille Santos

Posted at August 08, 2018

With his good looks, exceptional talent and golden heart, Shawn Mendes is true boyfriend material. Fortunately for us, the Canadian heartthrob is still on the market. Scroll down below for all the traits and qualities of the 20-year-old hitmaker which makes him the perfect candidate for boyfriend of the year.

He can sing to you all day! Even his rumored ex Hailey Baldwin jokingly asked Shawn to date her just so she could hear him sing everyday for the rest of her life.

He'll bring more laughter into your life and ride with you on all your silliness. Shawn letting his friend Taylor Swift give him a sparkly makeover is a case in point.

He can play the guitar and the piano! And sometimes he pretends to know how to play the drums, too.


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He isn't afraid to show his goofy side—most especially when he's out there dancing with his bros!


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He uses his voice for things that matter—on gun violence, mental heath issues, and so much more!

We also love us a guy who loves animals. Look how adorbs Shawn is in these pics.

Is there anything hotter than a guy who's effortlessly good with kids?


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