"Let's Learn To Behave": Former U-KISS Member Comments On NAM JOO HYUK's Controversial Fan Meet

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 01, 2018

It can be hard to deal with the chaos of excited fans and K-Pop idol Alexander Lee seems to confirm this in a series of tweets while referring to the controversial fan meet featuring Nam Joo Hyuk and Sandara Park.

"I experienced that already," the former U-Kiss member admitted. "LOL My arms were full of nail marks n scratches... (I)t hurts when u shower u know?" Alexander, however, said he still symphatizes with fans who are just thrilled for the rare opportunity to meet their idols.

"But to be fair, not everyone is like that. Some fans r really nice. But some, grabbed by b*tt n pinched my cheeks," he narrated. "Anyway, let's learn to behave."

Alexander also commended how the Weightlifting Fairy actor dealt with the situation. "He still tries to put up a smile... Sigh. Kawawa. I like how he's professional enough to not lose temper or walk out."

The fan who took the photos of Joo Hyuk with scratches had previously explained that the marks were already there even before fans got near the actor.

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