Is GREENDAY Gearing Up For 'Dookie' Anniversary Tour?

Brianne Constantino

Posted at July 30, 2018

Greenday have been in the music industry for over three decades now but like every other band, they've had their fair share of ups and downs when they were starting out.

But it wasn't until their 1994 album, 'Dookie' that Greenday's mainstream popularity soared. The said album spawned hits like "Longview", "When I Come Around" and the now-iconic rock anthem "Basket Case" and helped the band achieve worldwide success.

The album will be turning 25 next year and Greenday drummer Tre Cool posted a photo from their recent band practice and they are apparently rehearsing songs from Dookie. 

Everyone is now speculating, could they be hinting at an anniversary tour next year?


Fun band practice - swipe to see the set list we played today ...—>

A post shared by Tre' Cool (@trecool) on

'Dookie' was produced by Rob Cavallo and is widely regarded as a landmark pop punk album, selling more than 20 million units across the globe. It’s the band's best-selling record ahead of 2004’s ‘American Idiot’, which has sold an estimated 14million copies globally.

Courtesy: Greenday

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