Move Over, JAMES REID! Fans Claim VJ DONNY Is The Real Look-Alike Of DYLAN WANG

Camille Santos

Posted at July 25, 2018

We initially thought James Reid looks a lot like Chinese actor and model Dylan Wang of the latest remake of Meteor Garden, but we've also been receiving comments, tweets, etc. pointing out that our very own VJ Donny's facial features have similarities to the new Dao Ming Si.

Soon after the 2018 reboot of the popular television series aired, several fans were quick to notice how much Donny resembles the Chinese star. Some also claimed that Dylan's features is a mixture of both Filipino actors, and that they can actually be mistaken as brothers. 

Another fan also raised the idea that the MYX VJ can actually fill in the shoes of the leader of the F4 if there would ever be a Philippine remake of the classic Asian drama. Hmmmmm.

Honestly, we can't decide, so we're letting you be the judge: Does Dylan really resemble Donny and/or James?

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WIN: FREE INVITES To The Special Screening Of "CATS"


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