DONNALYN BARTOLOME Defends Herself Over "Jacqueline Comes Home" Backlash In Facebook Video

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Posted at July 21, 2018

Donnalyn Bartolome has posted a 15-minute video on Facebook to defend herself from the continuous bashing she has received for her participation in the film Jacqueline Comes Home (The Chiong Story).

Directed by Ysabelle Peach Caparas and produced by Viva Films, Jacqueline Comes Home depicts the story of the Chiong sisters whose disappearance rocked Cebu in 1997. A body thought to be of Marijoy (played in the movie by Donnalyn) was found days later while her sister Jacqueline (played by Meg Imperial) was never found. Seven men were convicted of kidnapping, rape and homicide in the controversial case.

Its trailer received backlash online from those who've seen the 2011 documentary Give Up Tomorrow which maintains the innocence of alleged mastermind Paco LarraƱaga. Netizens called out Meg and Donnalyn for "not doing their research" and agreeing to be part of a "biased" movie.

Donnalyn defended Jacqueline Comes Home in a Facebook post prior to its showing: "People are saying the movie is biased and to not watch it... but won’t you be the biased one if you don’t?" 

Now that it's already out in theaters, the "Kakaibabe" singer-turned-actress decided to make a video to further expain her side especially to "my fans who've lost faith in me; for choosing to be part of this film". Find out what she had to say below:

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