10 Things You Must Know About IV OF SPADES' New Music Video “In My Prison”

Renuel Fallore

Posted at July 14, 2018

IV Of Spades fans were caught by surprise with the release of their stunning new music video “In My Prison".

After posting cryptic teasers on social media for the past few weeks, the MYX Music Awards 2018 New Artist Of The Year dropped their new song “in the middle of the night” and it quickly went viral.

Courtesy: IV Of Spades

And yes, MYX was in on the "secret". We were actually there at the video shoot! Remember those photos of Blaster trimming Badjao's hair on our Instagram account?

IV of Spades definitely went "full blast” on their first video as a trio. Here are 10 things that you must know about "In My Prison":

The band worked with the same team behind “Where Have You Been, My Disco?”

That’s right, “In My Prison” is a proud Two Fold Media production. " So privileged to have worked with the talented IV OF SPADES yet again! Thanks for the trust, guys. ❤," the team said on their Facebook page

It rained hard during the video shoot

They achieved the stormy night effect via thunder sounds and flashing lights. But it was really raining cats and dogs outside.

The black-veiled people are their friends and acquaintances 

Music video volunteers! Power! Support!

The band intended to release it on Friday the 13th

With half a million views and counting, it turned out to be lucky!

Zild was the first to be done with his costume and makeup

Badjao finished second while Blaster was the last one to wear his Renaissance-inspired wardrobe. Zild even posed for a quick photo op once he was ready!

True IVOS fans will spot an object from their debut video

Yup, that same picture frame from "Hey Barbara" is also in "In My Prison"!

You can hear “Hey Barbara” played in reverse at the beginning of the music video

Missed it during your first watch? Pay more attention towards the start of the video this time!

Blaster's guitar is the same one he used at the MYX Music Awards 2018

It looks really familiar because he played that guitar during their trending performance of “Mundo”!

The video is up for interpretation

According to Zild in our MYXclusive interview, they'd rather leave it open for the fans to interpret what the song and music video are about.

And last but not the least, IV Of Spades wants you to vote for “In My Prison” on MYX so it can enter the MYX charts!

Just watch our MYXclusive interview with the band to find out what they have to say about their new music video “In My Prison”!

Are you impressed with this new IV Of Spades music video? Leave us a comment!

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