JULIA BARRETTO Couldn't Stop Laughing At JOSHUA GARCIA's Beki Performance In "I Love You, Hater"!

Ai dela Cruz

Posted at July 11, 2018

In the new Joshlia movie I Love You, Hater which is finally in theaters, Joshua Garcia poses as a beki but secretly falls for his highly-competitive work rival played by Julia Barretto!

In my sit-down interview with the romantic pair on MYX Movie Date, Joshua reveals that the beki-but-secretly-straight Joko was the hardest role he ever had to play. But apparently, Julia also had a hard time... keeping a straight face! LOL. The actress revealed there was one scene that took them until the wee hours of the night to finish just because she couldn't stop laughing whenever he transforms into Joko!


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I Love You, Hater is also the highly-anticipated comeback film of Ms. Kris Aquino and the loveteam shared how much they enjoyed working with the very generous and thoughtful Queen of All Media!

Before you guys head out to the cinema, check out my full MYXclusive interview with JoshLia below!

Aside from talking about their latest movie, we put JoshLia's compatibility to the test! Find out how they answered our not-so-conventional questions here!

But personally, my favorite part was what happened afterwards! Joshua suddenly burst into a huge smile - something we don't normally see the serious actor do. Why? Because he got to say the phrase "MYX, Your Choice. Your Music." 

Apparently, he was a huge MYX fan as a kid and it was his dream to say that famous tagline! Julia even supported this claim as she revealed that her "baba" was really excited to guest on MYX that day and that he wanted to be a VJ!!! *Awww* So adorbsss!

Come back anytime, Joshua and Julia! We would love to have you as our MYX Celebrity VJs!

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