HAILEY BALDWIN Used To Be On Team Jelena!

Ai dela Cruz

Posted at July 10, 2018

You won't believe what fans have dug up about Justin Bieber's newly-announced fiancée Hailey Baldwin! As it turns out, the Mrs. Biebs-to-be was also a total #Jelena shipper just like us!


A post shared by Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) on

Back in 2011, the then 15-year old supposedly tweeted, "I don't care what anyone says but Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together is the definition of a teenage dream! #word"


Don't waste your time searching for it though 'cause that tweet has (understandably so) already been deleted. But thanks to some ever-watchful netizens, we've got the receipts!


A post shared by Betches (@betches) on

If you swipe left on the above Instagram post, you'll see another screenshot of Hailey's earlier tweet that reads "I'm for sure 100% team #Jelena" posted on May 27, 2011 -- years before she and Justin were reported to have been allegedly dating.

Still not convinced? Here are more #Jelena tweets from Hailey that are still existing as of this writing. Go take a screenshot now while they still last!

BRB. Gonna tweet about how much I ship Jacob Elordi and Joey King so I might end up engaged to him in the future, too! #DreamBig #AimHigh #ImpossibleIsNothing

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