Here's Why Hashtags Member JAMESON BLAKE Earned Ire Of Netizens

Posted at July 05, 2018

Jameson Blake's recent tweets did not sit well with netizens after he asked for a specific design work to be done in exchange for a shout-out from him.

"Any graphic designers here? Who's willing to make me a cover photo/banner for (ex. YouTube, twitch). I need a banner with the username "LucidExpress." Best one gets a shout out from me," Jameson wrote.

See some of the reactions from netizens below:

After earning the ire of netizens, Jameson took the chance to explain himself.

"I was not asking for a mind-blowing graphic art. Something basic, and anyone willing to do me a favor without payment. No pressure, I'd appreciate it a lot," he stated.

"I'm not asking that much. Just a basic graphic art for a profile. No one needs to do it, only if you're willing to help me out, I'd really appreciate it," he replied to another netizen.

As of writing, the said tweets - which have since gone viral - are now deleted.

Earlier this morning, Jameson wished his followers on Twitter "a great day ahead," adding: "Don't let negativity ruin your day."

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