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Posted at July 04, 2018

Admit it. You want to know the story behind that intriguing 15-second video Angelica Panganiban posted on Instagram. That video, showing Carlo Aquino simply going back inside a car with Angelica, now has over 1.3 million views! But pressing the replay button doesn't quite answer the question on everyone's minds -- were they on a date?


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Thanks to their upcoming reunion movie Exes Baggage, the real-life ex-couple has been spending more time with each other and has been teasing us with their sweet photos and videos on set. So we can't help but notice this particular video showing the two, alone in a car, laughing together, without a film crew member in sight! Hmmm...

Were they just having fun at work or was that a real kilig moment happening before our eyes? We got a hold of one of their close staff members in Exes Baggage to find out what really happened.

Confirming the speculations of our #CarGel hearts, the staff member revealed that Carlo and Angelica were NOT on-set in the video. As it turns out, the two actors casually asked to leave the set just to eat out while the crew was still setting up. You know, just to eat out... without anyone else, just the two of them in a car, with Carlo driving and Angelica in the passenger seat -- just two exes (who are currently single) going on an adventure together, no biggie! *wink wink*


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But the #CarGel kilig moments are far from over! The staff member continued to reveal that even when Carlo and Angelica were given their own separate standby areas in their Exes Baggage shootings, they would often be found visiting each other's tents and hanging out together! So much so that the staff eventually just gave them one big standby area in some of their shoot locations! LOL. #Enablers


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As speculations continue on whether or not they're getting back together in real life, we can rest assured that they're getting back together on the silver screen very soon as Nix and Pia!


CarGel + Dan Villegas = First Black Sheep film. Pusuan niyo naman!

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While we wait for that long-overdue reunion, here's a behind-the-scenes video, now with almost 9 million views on Facebook, that will definitely make all our #CarGel hearts melt!

Exes Baggage is an upcoming film directed by Dan Villegas (Changing Partners, The Breakup Playlist, Always Be My Maybe) and is the first movie to be produced by Black Sheep, the newest brand under ABS-CBN Films aimed at producing edgier films that cater to the youth.

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