MYX BACKTRAX: Do You Still Remember These OPM Music Video Cameos From The 2000s?

Renuel Fallore

Posted at June 30, 2018

Did you know that Urbandub frontman Gabby Alipe was in Dice & K9's "Itsumo" video? Several local music videos made over a decade ago are packed with golden memories and featured popular artists that you probably didn't even notice back then! Here's the perfect #SendMeBackSaturday treat for you!

Mark Bautista in "Forever's Not Enough" by Sarah Geronimo / Sarah Geronimo in "Baliw" by Mark Bautista

Fellow Star For A Night finalist Mark B played the "crush" of Sarah G in "Forever's Not Enough". The cute storyline (and inner monologues) continued in the music video for their duet "Broken Vow" and Mark's own video "Baliw"! 

Courtesy: Viva Records

Courtesy: Viva Records

Elmo Magalona in “One Look” by Kjwan

13-year old Elmo came like a hurricane and starred as the young Kjwan drummer in this fun music video back in 2007!

Courtesy: KjwanTV

Vhong Navarro and Maui Taylor in "Sulat" by Moonstar88!

The It's Showtime host played a mailman in this music video while the future Viva Hot Babe made a cameo too!

Courtesy: Alpha Records

Rica Peralejo in "Martyr Nyebera" by Kamikazee

The 90s teen star, who's now a real-life wife and mom, played an overbearing spouse in this Avid Liongoren-directed music video.

Courtesy: Avid Liongoren

Chino Lui Pio in "Kahit Pa" by Hale

Our very own VJ Chino is the lead actor in his Kuya Champ's music video which topped the MYX charts in 2005!

Courtesy: polyeastrecords

Yan Yuzon in "Gemini" by Sponge Cola

The former Pupil guitarist and Archipelago frontman starred in the Romeo and Juliet-themed video from his younger brother Yael's band!

Courtesy: Marie Jamora

Jamir Garcia in "Hanggang Ngayon" by Kyla

In case you didn't know, the Slapshock frontman was the tattooed guy in the Queen of R&B's now-classic music video!

Courtesy: polyeastrecords

Gabby Alipe in "Itsumo" by Dice & K9

Cebu Pride! Yup, the Urbandub frontman was in this music video! Watch it again right now and be amazed!

Courtesy: 6000goonz

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