GIRLS' GENERATION's Tiffany Congratulated This BTS Member For The Group's Global Success!

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 28, 2018

Girls' Generation member Tiffany Young is feeling like a proud sibling for her dongsaeng BTS!


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In a Billboard interview, the K-Pop idol revealed reaching out to our forever social butterfly Taehyung to commend the global success of the latter's group. “I know V, and I remember randomly coming across their interviews and their videos, and I just had to congratulate him and say, ‘Congratulations, I hope you and your bandmates are having a blast. It’s so good to see this all happening for you'."

Tiffany is also looking forward to where Bangtan's breakthrough success will bring the rest of K-Pop in the future. Watch the video below and know what advice she has for BTS:

Courtesy: Billboard 

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