YLONA GARCIA Brought To Hospital Following Stress Over "Distasteful And Unnecessary Words" On Social Media

Posted at June 26, 2018

Having been brought to the hospital because of stress which resulted from "distasteful and unnecessary words" that she came across on social media, Ylona Garcia bravely spoke up about the importance of taking care of one's mental health - especially in the digital age where two-way communication is made possible, affecting the way people feel over things thrown against them. 

The "Fly Tonight" singer, who turned 16-years-old last February, joined many other celebrities who are speaking in behalf of people who are struggling to cope up with emotional pain by bravely sharing the state of her mental health in a lengthy post. 

"Wishing and praying we could all be spreading love more than hate on social media, because people that get bashed/disrespected on social media can only stay strong for so long and can be so close to breaking down. As much as I'd like to keep things private, I want everyone to be aware of their mental health," she wrote. 

"Woke up this morning scrolling through social media to see such distasteful and unnecessary words being shared. I have to be honest, it really stressed me out and I spent hours trying to find ways to make sure everyone would be happy and okay, to the fact where I forgot to take care of myself. To the point where I ended up in the hospital," the Kapamilya star added. 

Ylona ended her post by letting everyone know that she shared her story to create awareness on the effects of social media hate on someone else's mental health.

"I'm sharing this with you now to create awareness. #PleaseSpreadLove," she concluded. 

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