KANYE WEST Wants His Music To Be Part Of 'Deadpool' Movie!

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 13, 2018

Kanye West just confessed that he's a die-hard fan of the Deadpool movie series. After watching the second coming of the Ryan Reynolds-starrer, it appears the rapper is ready to make his music sit on a future third installment.


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Praising the film's innovative approach, Kanye also took note that its tracks sound "similar" to his own. "I love both Deadpool movies… I heard tracks in it that sound similar to mine… bro I would have cleared my music for Deadpool …,"he tweeted.

He continued, offering his music to a potential Deadpool 3. "your guys writing and approach is so innovative … I love how you guys break the 4th wall… thank you for being innovative and please know I’m down to clear next time."

Fans could have agreed to that only if Celine Dion didn't make it on the cut first. Let the actor Ryan himself do the talking with the Grammy-winning singer.

Celine's song "Ashes" was included in the Marvel movie's soundtrack and even teamed up with the superhero for the music video. Watch it here:

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