MYXclusive: How Does ANDY GRAMMER Translate Pain Into Positive Music?

Camille Santos

Posted at June 11, 2018

On the short time that we've been with Andy Grammer, we've noticed one thing: He is a very happy, smile-y guy!

But just like any normal person, the guy is no stranger to pain. While most people express their tears and sufferings through even more painful lyrics, the 34-year-old chooses to translate his into good, positive music.

"I think that any positive music that you like is usually grounded in pain," Andy explains to MYX.

He continues, "Because, just someone singing like, 'Be happy' is like a little weird. But someone going like, 'I'm hurt and I choose to be happy,' now that starts to make sense. People start to understand and can get behind something like that."

As a matter of fact, The Good Parts, he says, is his most sincere record up-to-date. "We all have our personal story, and these are the good parts [of mine]." For example, his mother's death, although a tragic loss, made him more compassionate and sensitive to other people's feelings. Learn more about the "Fresh Eyes" hitmaker in our MYXclusive interview below.

Also, check out our MYXclusive photos of his Manila concert here.

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