Our MYX VJ Search 2018 Finalists Show Off Their Go-To Concert Looks

Our MYX VJ Search 2018 Finalists Show Off Their Go-To Concert Looks

Camille Santos

Posted at May 25, 2018

It's easy to keep up with makeup trends these days, but it's a different topic altogether to rock complicated looks on a daily basis. Glitter-laden eyes, metallic lipsticks, bright-tinted eyeshadows, and holographic eyeliners?

It's a good thing that there are events like rock concerts, rave, and indie festivals that allow us to be our true selves and let us go crazy with the hottest trends of the season. Making a case for effortless glamour, Australian-based makeup brand BYS is here as our MYX VJ Search 2018 finalists’ beauty godmother.

But before taking on a makeup challenge, the girls—Samm, Gari, Kat, Kaye, Nia and Aiyana—went on a workshop with makeup guru Mari Wild to help take their skills to new heights.

“The workshop was really fun,” said Nia. “I got to learn a lot about the other finalists. Nakapag-bonding kami over makeup, and I got to learn a lot about myself. Feeling ko mas na-develop yung makeup skills ko.”

Kaye added, “There are some techniques na hindi sinasabi sa Youtube that I got from Miss Mari, and sabi ko, ‘Ay, this really works.’”

Watch how the girls applied what they learn from BYS in their own makeup tutorials below:

And the verdict? “I think BYS is a good brand to start with kasi it’s easy to blend—especially the eyeshadows,” said Samm.

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