SCARLETT KRAMER Caught The Attention Of A K-Pop Idol!

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 23, 2018

It's not until November that popular child commercial model Scarlett Kramer will turn 7. But seems the word "early" doesn't apply to her as she's already inviting people for her upcoming birthday celebration. And one name that's tops on the list is Bobby of K-Pop group iKon!

"Bobby, can you please go to my birthday?," the daughter of Chesca and Doug Kramer asked in tears. Check out the adorable video here:

Can the idol make it? He still has a lot of time to book a flight but for now this video of "Uncle Bobby" singing to her will have to do. Scarlett got an early birthday greeting from him (and groupmate DK) via the singer's Instagram story.

"Legit!❤️ It's feels like New Years Eve for the kids and everybody at home... We are staying up and not sleeping tonight!!! Goodbye sleeping early for school! #CantGetOver #Saranghae #IKON#IKONICS," Chesca captioned the post.

And as if that's enough to make the young iKonic happy, Bobby liked and commented "I love you too" to Doug's post of Scarlett's (with Kendra) thank you vid! Time to party like it's your birthday already, baby girl!

What do you think of Bobby's greeting to Scarlett? Tell us in the comments!

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