"I'm In!" : JOHN CENA Is Officially Part Of The BTS Army!

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 15, 2018

"You can't see me" goes John Cena's famous WWE catch phrase and there's truth to that 'cause apparently, the professional wrestler just worked his way into the BTS Army - literally beyond our sight!

If you're one of his 8 million Instagram followers, chances are you've come across his random uploads of the K-Pop group, most of them solos of J-Hope.


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John finally explained his posts saying, "See, if I were to explain, that would defeat the purpose! Although I will say, Base Line is my favourite track on the J-Hope mixtape. I also like 'Hangsang'," he told during his Blockers movie promotion. Hear that Hobie?


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‘What started as a happy accident has turned into something wonderful. I’ve been introduced to a new piece of culture, which I think is fantastic, because I’m learning through social media. It’s a very rare occurrence, so I’m very happy to say… yeah, screw it, I’m in."

What's left here to say but welcome to the club, John Cena!

What can you say of John Cena's love for BTS, J-Hope specifically? Send us a comment!

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