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Posted at March 12, 2018

After couple Billy Crawford and Colleen Garcia shared their pre-wedding shoot taken in Ethiopia, photos comparing the materials of their outfits with home furniture textiles began surfacing online. Among those who poked fun at the Billy's ensemble was Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid!

Seen cuddling a throw pillow similar to one used for the groom's suit, she wrote "Parang namiss ko si @billycrawford miss you friend 😂😂😂."


Parang namiss ko si @billycrawford miss you friend 😂😂😂

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Billy didn't miss a beat and shared Regine's post proudly saying, "di kami nag kamali ng tela. Official #songbird unan!"


@reginevalcasid di kami nag kamali ng tela. Official #songbird unan! 😂 #DeadAko

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The same suit was earlier compared side by side with a local bag that the It's Showtime host posted himself. It was followed by a living room sofa stuffed in a textile of identical design.


Goodnight y’all 😂

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All around pala ang telang eto... 😂#StylistIsDead #keepemcomin

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Coleen's outfits weren't able to escape online users' as well with them matching the clothes with a bed sheet, a bag and pillow.


#Ika6natela 😂

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While outfits are some of fans' main concerns, the photoshoot featuring Ethiopian kids and women in the background also received divided reactions of what others think as "insensitive" and "racist" for using the nation's people as props.

What do you think of Billy and Coleen's pre-wedding photos? Tell us in the comments!

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