Gene Loves Jezebel...and Manila

Gene Loves Jezebel...and Manila

Posted at December 04, 2008

Gene Loves Jezebel ruled the airwaves with their hits ôDesireö and ôMotion of Loveö two decades ago. The goth rock band was founded in 1980 by Jay and Michael Aston, but the twin brothers had a falling out in the late 90s and have since formed their own version of Gene Loves Jezebel. MYX talked to Michael who was recently in town to perform at Alchemy and Hard Rock with his new bandmates, and here are some of his juicy revelations.

The story behind the name Gene Loves Jezebel

My wife at that time was in an art college. An art student friend of hers started asking our names. My brother said his name, but the guy thought he said Jezebel. Then he made up a story that my name was Gene. And the student said, ôDoes Gene Love Jezebel?ö We thought it was a great name for a band. At that time, we needed a name coz weÆd been accepted to play this festival. We were looking for something that was a little left field and no one else was doing. We had to get the name in because theyÆd be doing their poster. We had until the end of the day to come up with a name. We didnÆt think weÆd keep the name, but we did this show and it got reviewed in all the London papers. We got a record deal and we were stuck with it.

Their signature hit ôMotion of Loveö

I hated it. I despise it even now. I think itÆs empty-headed pop but we canÆt get away. Chrissie Hynde said the same thing, she has to play ôBrass In Pocketö. When she doesnÆt play it, people go berserk. ItÆs a paradox. Now I go berserk when we have to play it.

Possibility of a reunion with his brother

If it was my choice, heÆd be playing with me now. IÆd love to play with him. I think itÆs a dynamic, incredible visual thing. Sonically, itÆs wonderful. IÆd love him to play with me. ItÆs his choice, he doesnÆt want to.

- December 2008

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