6Cyclemind's "Project 6"

6Cyclemind's "Project 6"

Posted at August 20, 2009

Nobody can deny what 6cyclemind has achieved since the time they were introduced to the music scene with their debut album ôPermission To Shineö up to their fourth record ôFiesta.ö You can easily identify their score of hits whether originals such as ôBiglaan,ö ôPa Ba,ö ôSige,ö ôSandalan,ö ôI,ö ôTrip,ö ôUmaasa,ö ôMagsasaya,ö ôAamininö and ôSaludoö or covers like ôPrinsesa,ö ôUpside Downö and ôDinamayan.ö They were once called the ôband to watch out forö and until now people are lining up to witness them live. With this kind of popularity, it is no wonder they were also entrusted as a brand endorser.

But what most people didnÆt know is the band has been embarking in other undertakings in aside from writing songs for their own albums. With the membersÆ impressive songwriting skills, other artists wanted them to write songs for their albums as well. They also interpreted their own versions of hits in some compilations. It can all be heard as Ney, Rye, Chuck, Bob, Tutti and their sixth member, manager Darwin, gathers together these projects in one album they call ôProject 6cyclemind.ö

It is bannered by the carrier single ôWalang Iwananö which they did in 2005 for an artist called Popfilter. The song also reflects who they are as a band.

ôWe have been through challenges, the happy times and the tough but whatever happens, we are still together and will continue to be. Literally like the song æWalang iwanan sa aminÆ,ö Ney said. The single was launched simultaneously on top Metro Manila radio stations (Jam 88.3, 90.7 Love Radio, RX93.1, 93.9 I-FM, 97.1 Barangay LS, 99.5 RT, 101.1 YES-FM, 101.9 For Life, 102.7 Star-FM, 103.5 Max-FM, UR105.9 and NU107) as well as provincial stations (MOR).

Then up and coming artists and now popular bands come to them and they were ready to oblige. When Callalily released their debut album ôDestination XYZö back in 2006, it included the 6cyclemind compositions ôDreamö and ôTakpisilim.ö Moonstar 88 will be remembered for one of their hits ôSa Langit.ö Same goes for solo artists Danita with her singles ôIf Onlyö and ôKung Wala Ka Naö and Pinoy Dream Academy finalist Chad Peralta for ôKasalanan.ö

Their songwriting also took their music to the TV series route with ôMahiwagang Pag-Ibigö interpreted by PBB Teen Edition alumnus Aldred Gatchalian for the ABS-CBN afternoon series ôLove Spellö and ôPangarapö, a hit by Karel Marquez which was also used in a Koreanovela. Being one of the most in-demand bands, 6cyclemind was included in Eraserheads tribute album ôUltraelectromagneticjamö where they made their own version of ôAlapaapö as well as in the ôHopia, Mani, Popcornö compilation where they did the Sampaguita track ôBonggahan.ö Likewise, the band took time to help the society via ôSagot Kita,ö a song they recorded for ABS-CBN Foundation. Of course, who can forget the popular Tanduay jingle ôNoon at Ngayon?ö

These tracks are all included in ôProject 6cyclemind.ö In this album, the band collaborated with critically-acclaimed rap artist Gloc 9 for ôKasalananö and with Maestro Ryan Cayabyab for ôTakipsilim.ö

If this will compared to their previous albums, the band is unanimous that it is ôvideoke-friendly.ö ôI think it is more pop in terms of arrangement from the originals to covers since there are no heavy guitars. People can easily sing the songs like in videoke because other songs have already been released by other artists,ö Rye said.

But why release an album of projects? ôSome songs were made and were recorded very early and we think that now is the perfect timing for them to be heard,ö Chuck said.

ôProject 6cyclemindö is now out in CDs under Sony Music Philippines.

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