Beast's video press conference

Beast's video press conference

Posted at June 16, 2010

Beast Video Press Conference Transcript

Venue: PLDT Innolab, Boni Avenue
Date: June 11, 2010, 3 PM Manila Time.

Wilson of MCA Music Philippines: I'm Wilson Cruz, the Marketing Director for MCA Music Philippines. With me here are our friends from various media and some fans of Beast. Everyone would you like to say Hi?

Everyone (Media): Hi!

Beast: Hi!

Wilson of MCA Music Philippines: On behalf of everyone here, I would like to thank Beast for giving us their time for this video press conference. I know you guys are very busy and I know that we will be seeing you personally next week. So we're all very excited about that. I hope you guys are excited as well.

Beast: Yeah! Thank you for inviting us!

Wilson of MCA Music Philippines: No problem. We love Beast here in the Philippines. Before we start, would you want to introduce yourselves first?

Beast: (Each member introduces himself starting with the greeting "Mabuhay") - Doo Joon, Yo Seop, Hyun Seung, Gi Kwang, Jun Hyung and Dong Woon

Wilson of MCA Music Philippines: Thank you for that, maybe we could start with the question and answer portion now?

1st question: Who are the bands that you look up to and is there something new that we can expect from Beast?

Beast: We like the band Shinhwa in Korea because they have teamwork, they've been so popular for a long time. We want to be like them.

2nd question: What is your edge over the other K-Pop bands?

Beast: The fact that there are six of us and all have different styles and character, that differentiates us. We've poured a lot of effort in the production of our album and we hope that all that effort will put Beast on a new level.

3rd question: There's this group in the Philippines right now that are calling themselves "BEST", do you feel flattered or somewhat irritated that a group is mimicking your group.

Beast: it's an honor to have a group that mimic us and we would like to meet them when we visit the Philippines soon.

4th question: Can the members tell us how they became a part of Beast?

Beast: Cube Entertainment Company and the six of them had a notion that 1 day will become a group and it became true.

5th question: How have you changed since you started last 2009

Beast: With the busy schedule, we hardly get to meet our friends and families. When we hang out or go to the movies, people recognize us. That's what changed after our debut in 2009.

6th question: Can you share with us any funny moments when performing?

Beast: It was really funny once when the wrong song played on stage. One time during the Dream Concert, it rained and we fell on stage but because the fans were watching, we still did our best.

7th question: What does each member like about the members of Beast?

Beast: Doo Joon is a good leader, funny and smart. Gi Kwang has a good built, athletic and a good dancer, Yo Seop is a good singer and funny, Dong Woon is the youngest in the group but he has the eyes and a good singing voice and can reach the high notes, Jun Hyung is a good actor and has a lot of charisma on stage, Hyun Seung always tries hard, a smart guy and great to be around.

8th question: What's your ideal date?

Beast: Our ideal date are with the fans, especially the fans in the Philippines and the fans in Korea.

9th question: Are there any funny stories of living togetherin a dorm?

Beast: Now we live in a bigger house, and we always have fun together in the house.

10th question: For Doo Joon - How was your experience in the Philippines and do you have any stories that you shared to your group?

Doo Joon: I want to visit the far out places. Everyone was very friendly. The mangoes were delicious and I can't wait to get there again with the other members.

Beast: See you guys in the shows and concert! Thank you very much!

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