Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream"

Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream"

Posted at September 02, 2010

Katy Perry's Teenage Dream

Polyeast Records releases KATY PERRY sophomore album Teenage Dream and second single ôTeenage Dreamö

One of the biggest releases of this season just came out, as Katy PerryÆs sophomore effort ôTeenage Dreamö was released in the Philippines under Polyeast Records. She has already dominated radio airplay with her Snoopy Dog collaboration - California Gurls. The sizzling track ù a fresh evolution of PerryÆs witty, sassy sound ù is the follow-up to her back-to-back-to-back No. 1 chart-toppers ôI Kissed A Girlö, ôHot N Coldö, and ôWaking Up In Vegasö from ôOne of the Boysö.

As the kick-off single ôCalifornia Gurlsö landed Perry her second number one single, she claims that ôTeenage Dreamö is an evolvement from ôOne Of The Boysö. She adds, ôI think that it's not completely unexpected. I really donÆt think people want me to be anything that I am not. I think that people that are listening to my music and that are actual fans to this whole body of music, they see that I really try to come from an honest place, telling stories, a lot of stories coming from my life and I think that when I stop being honest people will know and will see through it,ö she adds.

ôTeenage Dreamö is finally hitting the shelves and the record's already ubiquitous single, "California Gurls," which debuted in May, has climb the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for six weeks. As stellar love song in the album with its sun-kissed music video, the second single ôTeenage Dreamö is also making its way to lock-up number one seat having a massive airplay on local radio. PerryÆs understanding of what her fans want isnÆt exclusive to her music however: in becoming the character of Katy Perry sheÆs also feeding a persona that her fans want look up to. Where other hit-making singles are ôLast Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)ö; towering anthem in ôFireworkö; the party-starter song ôPeacockö; edgy single ôCircle the Drainö; ôThe One That Got Awayö; öE.T.ö; heavy emotions in öWho Am I Living For?ö and ôPearlö; ôHummingbird Heartbeatö; classic bittersweet tearjerker ôNot Like the Movies.ö As Perry claims that ideas for the album title that make you feel like you're falling in love again for the first time. She adds ôTeenage Dreamö because itÆs a song off the record that makes you feel this euphoric feeling. When you are a kid, when you are a teenager and you're falling in love for the first time or you have a fantasy about someone that you idealize, maybe itÆs a person or a poster on your wall that you grew up having on your wall. Maybe you wanted to meet them, be like them, or fall in love with them. ôTeenage Dreamö is kind of that feeling I wanted to exude off of this record.

ôOh my God that is what every girl wants. I think its one of their fantasies and for every song there is a visual element for it. I kind of already know the story I wanna tell in every song if it had a music video and it's exciting because it's an evolvement from the last record,ö she said This is the album that proves Katy Perry is an enduring contemporary pop star. It is clearly one of the top mainstream pop albums of the year. Katy Perry has got it all in this wonderful record filled with catchy choruses, brilliant beats and pitch-perfect vocals. If you like dance music, or you like groove or maybe slower ballads, get the album now with freebies such as limited poster!! Teenage Dream is now available in the market released by Polyeast Records. Watch out for the scented imported album that comes with a free limited Katy Perry t-shirt sponsored by Pony.

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