Bamboo's "Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday"

Bamboo's "Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday"

Posted at September 08, 2010

Bamboo's Re-Packaged Album Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday

Bamboo is back with a new single, "Bagong Sigaw"

ôTomorrow Becomes Yesterdayö Repackaged version is now available with a brand new single and four original music videos

Bamboo made a name for themselves after the release of their debut ôAS THE MUSIC PLAYSö in 2004. EMI Philippines, now Polyeast Records, since then released four eponymous albums by the group and turned OPM rock into anthemic singles and impressive sales figures. As the rock foursome hits the studio once again for their fifth album under Poleyast Records coming out this year, TOMORROW BECOMES YESTERDAY Repackaged version is available nationwide with a brand new attack.

With a new single BAGONG SIGAW, BambooÆs fourth album TOMORROW BECOMES YESTRDAY comes with a new package. BAGONG SIGAW is a brand new single by the group which is also TanduayÆs official song. With the bandÆs unparalleled success and acclaim, BambooÆs fourth TOMORROW BECOMES YESTRDAY (2009) was led by four big tunesùKALAYAAN, MULI, LAST DAYS ON A CRUISE SHIP and KAILANand also reached PLATINUM status after a week of release in the market. As the band reinvents itself in many ways before arriving full circle, TOMORROW BECOMES YESTERDAY never failed to veer away from traditional Bamboo themes of love and relationships, God, and love of country.

Bamboo have released four studio albums and are among the most critically and commercially successful groups in OPM. Their albums were AS THE MUSIC PLAYS (2004), LIGHT PEACE LOVE (2005), WE STAND ALONE TOGETHER (2007) and TOMORROW BECOMES YESTERDAY (2009). Bamboo are Bamboo Manalac on vocals, Nathan Azarcon on bass, Ira Cruz on guitars and Vic Mercado on drums.

Never has any rock band been so blessed with the ability to inspire and capacity to affect people with anthemic songs, as BAMBOO. Seven years after their debut, they became one of the biggest bands in the country. For the release of the new single BAGONG SIGAW, Bamboo reclaims their rock 'n' roll crown.

TOMORROW BECOMES YESTERDAY repackaged version is also available with the albumÆs four hit singles of BambooÆs music videos in DVD.

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