Go crazy with Wilabaliw

Go crazy with Wilabaliw

Posted at March 18, 2011

WilaBaliW envisions itself not merely by being just a band but more of a movement, a brand to promote a better quality and take on the vast field of music. The project was conceptualized by Ian Tayao 8 years back when he was still active with his previous band (Queso). The perfect chance to manifest the idea did not become so vivid until he was able to cosmically find members or better yet the members finding him.

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Ian Tayao has dedicated his life to the constant progressiveness of music. Soul and Groove is his armada and with the addition of his strong vocal execution, well letÆs just say that itÆs outstanding.

Francis Magat has proven to be one of the Senior Musicians in the local current scene today with his intimate depth of musical knowledge as well as the musical execution. With acts like Sound, Salindiwa, Sampaguita, and And Sinosikat under his belt, coining him as an experienced musician would prove itself to be an understatement.

Robert Dela Cruz is a highly respected Drummer and is considered if not one of the best; the best drummer there is in the country. With the talent of being able to move with ôlight speedö through percussive intonations paired up with the ability to make the drums translate itself articulately would imbibe that Robert is more than just your ordinary drummer. Extra Ordinary.

Louis Isok is the new breed of guitar. Considered as a Promil abuser when he was a child, Louis does not make his young age as an excuse for him not being able to par up to his colleagues, but uses it as an advantage for being able to come up with new and exciting vantage points to produce songs and musical intensity.

Fusing all of these factors together would prove to be rather daunting at first for the reason that the individual talents of the group are stand alone, but what proves to be even more amazing is how the group manages to rise as one solid army when they are given the proper opportunity to share to the world of music that there is something bigger than the personalities involved and there is a greater purpose to serve.

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WIN: Tickets To DUA LIPA's “Studio 2054” Exclusive Online Performance


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