Christian Bautista remembers Europe

Christian Bautista remembers Europe

Posted at March 30, 2011

Christian Bautista remembers Europe

Asia's Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista toured various cities in Europe, together with Erik Santos and Pooh, for the "Champions of the Heart" concert produced by TFC (The Filipino Channel). Christian visited London, Vienna, Paris, Norway and Milan and came back to Manila early this week. We asked Christian 20 questions about his recent trip and his answers were quite interesting and revealing!

1) Most memorable city visited?
Answer: Paris because of Eiffel Tower.

2) Memorable food?
Answer: Norwegian salmon in Norway

3) Celebrity encounters?
Answer: Just one. Bruno Mars. He was very accommodating

4) Shopping?
Answer: Louis Vuitton store in Paris. Bought a belt.

5) Most memorable fan moment
Answer: Milan. Pinoy fan accidentally scratched my neck. It bled but I'm okay now.

6) Most memorable souvenir bought
Answer: A Medieval sword bought in Warwick Castle England.

Christian Bautista remembers Europe

7) Coldest country visited?
Answer: Norway. Had 3 layers of clothing.

8) Strangest food?
Answer: Brown cheese in Norway. Loved it!

9) Most number of Filipinos audience?
Answer: Milan. The venue was big!

10) Most applauded song during your shows?
Answer: Beautiful Girl and second would be The Way You Look At Me.

11) Did you learn any new language?
Answer: ôBuongiornoö which means good morning in Italian.

12) Most fashionable city visited?
Answer: Milan.

13) Did you find out any strange customs?
Answer: Not exactly strange. But burping or sneezing in public is offensive.

14) Prettiest girls?
Answer: That would be in London!

15) Interesting drink?
Answer: Mojito Sake in Milan.

16) Most delicious dish?
Answer: Italian food. Sausages in Vienna.

Christian Bautista remembers Europe

17) Creepiest moment?
Answer: Warwick Castle Dungeon Tour.

18) Stuff you were tempted to buy but did not?
Answer: Medieval helmet. It was too big.

19) Most memorable song heard?
Answer: "Someone like you" by Adele. I heard it all over Europe.

20) City you would like to visit again.
Answer: Paris!

Texts by Universal Records
Photos by Carlo Arreglado Orosa

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