Urbandub: Sending A Message

Urbandub: Sending A Message

Posted at April 01, 2011

Urbandub: Sending A Message

After 2010's much talked about ôUrbandub: 10 Years Of Influenceö show in the Music Museum, the Giant Sound of The South is rocking the grand halls of the Music Museum again! ôUrbandub: Sending A Message!ö, 2011's biggest local rock show yet! On Friday, April 8, 2011; Music Museum will once again play host to an Urbandub show, this time to a stage carrying the Heroes (and Heroine) of Indie Rock, Urbandub. The sequel to last year's sold out show. Another musical offering for the well-deserving fans of the Decade-old musicians. With local rock groups slowly retiring here and there, Urbandub's making it clear that what journey they have started hasn't in any way come close to any end at all. On this serving, the quartet will play their message and latest single, ôSending A Messageö out for every eager Dubista in the hall for the first time. Also, that day will coincide the launch of their very first TeeDee, designed by Nick Automatic's Nicolo Nimor.

A music video of ôSending A Messageö is set to premiere on April 1 in the Philippines' number one music channel, MYX. A fitting start for the first year in a new decade! A must-see rock show for any music fan out there! Get the message!

Be there on Friday, April 8 at The Music Museum Grand Hall, Greenhills Promenade, San Juan City. Gates open at 7:00 PM. This is another quality show from the country's premiere musical production, Sonic Boom Philippines.

Have you ever seen Urbandub play an acoustic set? Watch them when they visited for the MYX Setlist!

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WIN: Tickets To DUA LIPA's “Studio 2054” Exclusive Online Performance


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