MYXclusive: CHARLIE PUTH Reveals He Wrote His New Song "Attention" In The Philippines

MYXclusive: CHARLIE PUTH Reveals He Wrote His New Song "Attention" In The Philippines

Christine Guariña

Posted at June 02, 2017

There's something very interesting about Grammy-nominee Charlie Puth's new song and it's a good thing he's just one call away!

The singer revealed in a MYXclusive phone interview when he got the idea for his single latest single, "Attention". "I was actually in the Philippines. I was in Asia travelling in the Philippines," he revealed. "I was in the airport and just had this (hums "Attention" tune) - just popped in my head. And I just kinda wrote the song. I started writing the song at the airport." 

With his brain being able to work here, it could be a sign that the Philippines feels like home for Charlie and that says something.

The promising artist cheerily shared his plans to visit us again despite being overworked in the studio. "I do. I think I saw on the schedule here the other day and I love the Philippines. I'm always so excited when I go there so it will be really nice," Charlie said.

It's no surprise that his latest single "Attention" swept us off our feet again - and he's been doing it to us with with chart-topping hits like "See You Again" to "We Don't Talk Anymore". Well, he's just making sure we're never getting over him.

Listen to our MYXclusive phone interview here to which he also expressed his love for K-Pop group, BTS:

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