WATCH: SELENA GOMEZ Admits She's Not A Fan Of Her Past Music!

WATCH: SELENA GOMEZ Admits She's Not A Fan Of Her Past Music!

Christine Guariña

Posted at June 08, 2017

Even the 15-year-old Selena Gomez back then already made us insecure with her looks and undeniable talent, but the pop star recently revealed that she wasn't actually a fan of her past music.

Selena sat down with Elvis Duran for a chat and admitted she had no idea what she was singing and doing before. "I'm always honest with you guys, I think in the beginning I don't really know what a 15-year old was going to be talking about," she said. "There wasn't enough experience for me to understand what these words I was saying were gonna have meaning or weight."

It was not until "The Heart Wants What It Wants" that the singer realized where and what she was supposed to be. "It's like a yearbook," she added. "You look at the pictures and you're like, I thought I looked so good and I did not! So it's like that feeling a little bit."

Selena then revealed that her favorite track from her discography is "Who Says", "My favorite song, one of the favorite songs that I've ever done is still "Who Says", which I recorded when I was 16. Because of the message, that's what I felt like I wanted to give my fan base and other than that, I don't really know what I was doing." Watch her full interview here:

Video Courtesy: Elvis Duran Show

Take a trip down memory lane and check out Selena's music video for "Who Says" below!

Video Courtesy: SelenaGomezVEVO

Which Selena Gomez's old track is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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