3 Things About Chalk That I'll Always Be Grateful For

Maan de Vera
Posted at August 28, 2020


I've always known that I won't write for Chalk forever. But never did I imagine that I will be part of the team who would wrap things up and shut the doors of a magazine that many of us grew up with. The recent non-renewal of ABS-CBN has truly taken its toll to many individuals and businesses. Sadly, we were one of them.

As I pen down my last article, I just really want to take the time to pour my heart out one last time. Here are 3 things about Chalk that I'll always be grateful for:

1. Growing up with Chalk

A few years ago, I was a teenager from the province who can only afford back issues that were on sale. But, at that time, that was already more than enough for me. Chalk helped me understand what it means to be young, to have your whole life ahead of you, and to have the world as the launchpad to fulfill your aspirations.

2. The Opportunity to Write for Chalk

Just like anyone who's confronting the beginning of their career, I was also unsure of so many things when I started writing. But Chalk gave me not only the opportunity to hone my skills, it more importantly taught me how to write about truth, to tell stories that the youth needs to hear, and to be unafraid to take a firm stand on things that truly matters.

3. Getting to Work with the Chalk Team

The people I met while working for Chalk aren't only great writers, editors, artists, and content producers. More importantly, the team I've worked with are also good people with great intentions. Every work day starts with one simple question: what does the youth need to hear right now? And the passion to be an inspiration to so many young and capable minds out there is what drove us to seek the answers to that question to the best of our abilities.

But, on top of all of this, I will forever be thankful for everyone who consumed what we put out there. If you have bought a magazine, read an article, watched any of our videos, liked our post, or merely glanced at anything that we have produced, thank you. You've been an important part of this journey. As cliche as it sounds, none would have ever been possible without the support of those who believed in Chalk. And believe that, even though we are forced to take a step back for now, we wil always believe in you.

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