5 Reasons Why "Flower of Evil" is the Next Psycho Thriller You Should Watch

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at August 21, 2020

Trust us when we say Korean dramas never disappoint in psychological thriller genre. For proof, we have Strangers From Hell, Hello Monster, Save Me, and Extracurricular among the best ones. And, the latest addition to the list A.K.A. our current obsession is Flower of Evil. It's about a craftsman and an alleged serial killer with anti-social personality disorder (Lee Joon Gi) who hides his past under a new identity as a perfect husband to a detective (Moon Chaewon.)

If the plot intrigues you, wait until we tell you the other reasons why you should prioritize it on your must-watch list. Here you go:

1. Episode endings are real cliffhangers. As you all know, K-dramas are unpredictable—much more for Flower of Evil whose storyline is very new to our ears. We have no idea what's going to happen next and then comes the twisted final scene of an episode leaving us gripping on our seats and holding our breaths. It's frustrating as it only airs twice every week, but, at the same, keep us waiting for more.

2. Pacing is fast and smart. Despite it leaving us hanging every chance it gets, here's what's good: It's a fast-paced story but not so much that it looks rush hence creating loopholes. It's just enough to answer one question after another and later making new smart turns to set us once again in confusion and refrain us from jumping to conclusions.

3. You'll fear and pity the villanous protagonist. Joon Gi plays psychopath Baek Hee Sung in the drama and the role is one to be scared of. He lacks emotions, is impulsive, and has a delinquent tendency. Who knows what he can do or who he's going to kill? But the series give us insight into his head and his past making you understand where he's coming from.

4. Female lead is not weak. Chaewon's character as Cha Jiwon is being deceived by now-husband Hee Sung. She loves and trusts him as he comes off as an ideal partner. But credits to Jiwon for not letting that stop her from thinking, being suspicious, and getting into action. We stan a woman with a mind of her own. We won't be surprised if she gets ahead of Hee Sung in the next episodes.

5. It's not your ordinary romance. Yep, there's still the touch of romance and we can't overlook that considering the onscreen chemistry of Jiwon and Joon Gi and their characters' touching backstory. However, what keeps the couple unconventionally interesting is how they're going to keep the smile while facing each other and how they're going to handle the truth behind each other's back. Is it possible for them to get a happy ending?

Stop wasting your time thinking what K-drama to watch next. This is a sign. Watch Flower of Evil now while the thrill is just getting started.

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