MACOY DUBS Channels Inner 'Tita Of Manila' And We Can All Relate!

Renuel Fallore
Posted at August 17, 2020

Social media personality and trending TikToker Macoy Dubs has been having fun channeling her inner "Tita Of Manila" on her latest series of skits online.

The fast-rising comedian, whose real name is Mark Averilla‚Äč, creatively and hilariousy depicted how a Titas Of Manila reunion in December would probably turn out in case the whole COVID-19 pandemic situtation is over.

Macoy Dubs' tita lines and acting are just so on-point and a lot of her followers are having a good laugh about it. Because let's admit it, we have all met a Filipina aunt who is just like that, right?

Macoy posted another clip wherein she plays a very jolly tita named Auntie Julie talking to a godchild whom she hasn't seen in a long time. Surprised that her inaanak was already 18 years old, Auntie Julie persistently asked about her dating life, which is a situation most of us are definitely familiar with. Hilarious!  

How about a list of nice and not-so-nice titas? Macoy Dubs also got you covered!

  Moreover, how about a #TitaNight kind of playlist?

Her latest video, aka second video featuring Auntie Julie, is just as funny as the first! Here, she introduced her son Robert to Eduardo.

Macoy Dubs first rose to fame after producing funny Hollywood-dubbed videos and posting them on Facebook. Her popularity soared to greater heights after joining TikTok. And because of her consistently trending content on social media, the online personality is now the latest addition to Cornerstone Entertainment's roster of talented artists.

Just this June, Macoy Dubs guested on the video podcast MYX It Up! where she talked about the LGBTQIA+ community with VJs Anton Fausto, Dani MortelEdward Barber, and Samm Alvero, in time for pride month!



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