Dapitan Arcade Now Has An Online Store & Here's Why We're Happy About It

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at August 17, 2020


We can still remember the first time we discovered Dapitan Arcade, the not-so hidden shopping gem in the Metro, that offers the best deals of home goods. And when we say "best," we mean the cheapest yet ornamental in an authentic, local, timeless, and one of a kind way.  

Good news to our fellow avid fans of the place, Dapitan Arcade has an online store and it's here now, when we're all in quarantine which is nothing but perfect timing. Here's why:

1. We're onto room renovation. We don't know about you but, in our case, we're using this stay-at-home protocol as an opportunity to turn things around in our home space and make it a little more organized and aesthetically-pleasing. Obviously, we would be on the hunt for new functional furniture like a lampshade, a rack, or bar chairs from Dapitan Arcade.

2. We're becoming plant parents. More and more are starting to tend to plants in order to cope with the current times - including us, yes. Well, Dapitan Arcade has convinced us to go further with this new passion as they made their classic to quirky vases and pots for both our indoor and outdoor plants online.

3. "Ber" months are fast approaching. In just a couple of weeks, it'll already be almost holiday season. It might be hard to get the "Christmas feels" now considering the pandemic, but, knowing Filipinos, we'll always find ways to get it through somehow and make it a merry one. How about we do it with Dapitan Arcade's lanterns and Belen set?

It's safe to say that Dapitan Arcade is the one-stop online shop for our newfound quarantine hobbies. But not only can it meet our needs, we can, at the same time, support our local artists while doing so. We don't think that can get any better. Start shopping here!

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