7 Moments that Gave "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" a Happy Ending

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at August 11, 2020

Our weekends will never be the same again. That's because It's Okay To Not Be Okay has officially reached its finale, and we don't think that we can ever move on from it. We've watched a lot of Korean dramas, but nothing can be compared with the attachment that grew between us and the series' characters and storytelling - the closest representation of our real-life complex feelings and life situations.

16 episodes may not have been enough, which at some point made us ugly cry. But, knowing that it took a happy bow, who are we to complain? Its ending couldn't get any better if not for all heartwarming moments:

1. The patients found their way to healing. They're still in progress, but OK Psychiatric Hospital's patients slowly got to face their traumas and sad realities. Some even got to walk off the hospital and finally start anew.

2. Juri opened her heart to Sang-in. The fact that Juri found it in her to move on from Gang Tae and realized what she truly needs - Sang-in, who's someone she can lean on and make her laugh - and who truly needs her is something that we are content with.

3. Jaesu became a hyung. From being the loyal best friend, Gang Tae officially acknowledged Jaesu as family as he called him "big brother." It's what Jaesu always wanted. That means he no longer has to follow them around while sacrificing his own goals. They'll stick together while doing what they want.

4. Moon Young found a family. She cut the leash tied to her painful past, thus, detaching from her mother who's holding her back. With Gang Tae, Sang Tae and the people around them, she's covering the bad memories by making new ones. Ko Moon Young isn't alone anymore.

5. Gang Tae stopped running away. He quit being a caregiver not to make an escape again, rather, to face his battles through a new beginning - to study and have actual fun with his family. Yep, he need not to choose between his happiness and responsibilities, he's choosing both and now this kid's soul grows.

6. Sang Tae turned into a successful brother. Our favorite hyung made his dreams come true: To be a fairytale book illustrator, to be the big brother who will protect Gang Tae and Moon Young, to draw facial expressions, to overcome his fear of butterflies, and to be an independent and reliable adult who can live by himself and work towards his passion.

7. They got the camping car. The troublemaker trio received a camping car from Director Oh to fulfill their longtime wish to be on the road without a destination, travel until they get tired, laugh together, and create moments that they'll treasure for a lifetime. 

It's a shame that we got robbed of forever to witness their journey, but who cares, right? We can just pretend that it didn't end and just watch it all over again with the exact same feels. What matters is that they all got the happy ending that they so deserve. BRB, our eyes are still welling up with tears even though we're extremely happy for our troublemaker trio.

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