5 Pieces You Can Already Sell From Your Closet

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at August 10, 2020


Things being what they are now, we think that we should be encouraging each other to take advantage of the situation - in quarantine - to use the time organizing our closet and make some pieces off it useful to others, hence, have us earning money. Yep, selling pre-loved clothes is a thing.

If you're taking it into consideration yet indecisive of what you could put on, here are some choices:

1. Pieces that don't fit anymore. It's great that you're setting a goal for yourself that one day you'll get to wear the clothes that have gone size smaller or bigger for you. But if you think it'll still take you a long time to achieve it that by the time you've already saved money to buy new ones, then let it go.

2. Those that you haven't used for over a year. We all have clothes that we bought and have never gotten the chance to put on because, well, we just can't find the right moment to do it. And we're keeping it just in case. Maybe it's time that we give it thought that it's not meant for us and just post it for others who might need it more.

3. The duplicates. Sell off your second, third, and other sets of white buttondowns. We get it, it's your favorite basic piece. But think about it: They are all the same. In the event that you want to get stylish with it again, you can just laundry it overnight and repeat.

4. Those you find boring. The trends change every season. That means, for sure, there are pieces in your wardrobe that you don't find interesting anymore or pieces that do not suit your style anymore. Who knows? It might be not be the case for others.

5. Those that are reminding you of bad memories. There are items that we can't give up because of their sentimental value. There are also those that we've buried deep within our closet because it pains to see them again, like the ones that we wore during a breakup. Dig them out, sell them, and hope that they instead bring good memories to their next owners.

Don't be afraid to let go especially if doing so guarantees you more room for the things that are important to you right now, if it'll help others who have been looking for that piece in your closet for a long time, and savings, too. Just remember to make sure that all is in good condition and is at reasonable prices. Good luck!

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