7 K-pop Artists Who Are Getting Into Ben&Ben's Music

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at July 28, 2020

While K-pop continues to have an immense impact in the global and specifically Philippine music scene, we're also witnessing the steady rise of OPM act Ben&Ben in South Korea. Our beloved K-idols served as proof themselves as they start to get into and thus appreciate the nine-piece band's songs.

Truly, they are getting the recognition that they deserve. Here are the K-pop artists who have listened to Ben&Ben and we think will eventually become solid fans in no time:

1. The Boyz

It wasn't only us who fell in love with the folk-pop band's 2017 single "Maybe The Night." The K-pop group The Boyz even recommended it to their fans. Member Jacob can't get enough that he played it during a live sesh!

2. NCT Dream

Renjun and Chenle of the NCT unit gave slots to Ben&Ben's songs "Leaves" and "Godsent" during separate radio shows. We won't be surprised if all seven boys of the group have the Filipino band in their playlists, too!

3. Young K

"Wow, the song is really good," the Day6 singer described "Leaves" as he listened to it fulfilling his promise to fans following their repeated recommendations of the song. And, yes, PH My Days didn't disappoint him.

4. Mark Lee

"Leaves" really hit different. It also caught the attention of this NCT 127 rapper who played it during a live broadcast and sang a few lines from it. Ben&Ben skyrocketed to South Korea's trending list right after.

5. Wendy

The Philippine pride's music also found its way to the ears of Red Velvet's Wendy. "OMG, their voice is so beautiful," the K-pop songstress gushed about the band's talent after getting to hear "Maybe The Night" and "Branches."

6. Momo

Ever imagined Twice humming to an OPM talent like Ben&Ben? Definitely, because our girls have such great taste! Just recently, our girl Momo, alongside Sana, put on "Leaves" in the background while bonding with fans through Vlive. Welcome to the fandom, Momo!

7. Cha Eunwoo

Okay, to be honest, no one can come close to actor and Astro singer Eunwoo who covered Ben&Ben's full Tagalog single "Kathang Isip" during his Manila fan meeting last year. This is the most memorable crossover yet.

We'd say Ben&Ben has become a staple name if one is to recommend a song to new OPM listeners. Their raw, endearing crafts have been stealing our hearts for a long while now, it's time we share them to other parts of the globe, too. Can you say Ben&Ben world domination?

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