Thai-Italian Artist VALENTINA PLOY Plans To Release A Multilingual Song

Camille Santos
Posted at July 21, 2020

Thai-Italian artist Valentina Ploy loves languages. In fact, she can speak five: Thai, Spanish, French, English, and Italian.

To our surprise, she also knows some Filipino words like "Mahal kita", "Salamat", and "Mabuhay". So when asked during a MYXclusive interview if she has plans to release a multilingual song, the 26-year-old gave an answer in the affirmative. Although she cannot divulge much about the said single, Valentina said that it is a happy song and will feature a sound different from her latest EP Satellite.

Her latest single "Love You Better" appears on the said six-track effort. According to Valentina, the song's idea came from a previous relationship. She said: "I just felt like some times when I’m in love, I get insecure. Insecure of losing someone. Very vulnerable and I feel that it’s something— you have to have a little bit of courage some times to just express yourself and open up to someone 100 percent and tell them what you feel even though it’s a little bit scary."

She continued, "So I felt like doing this thing through this song to this person… We can love someone so much and we think we love them so much. But it’s like in a wrong way and we focus on the wrong things."

Courtesy: Whattheduck

Watch our full MYXclusive interview with Valentina below to find out more about her music, how she intends to make a difference in the world, and her experience joining Miss Universe Thailand in 2018 among others.

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