Here's How We Think RM's Feed Would Look Like If He Has His Own Instagram

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at July 20, 2020

RM needs to join Instagram, and you'll know why if you're one of the 27 million followers of BTS on Twitter. It's where the world famous group's members update us with songs they're currently listening to, new KAWS collection, recent ventures and getaways, behind-the-scene moments, selcas and, often, aesthetically-pleasing photos - yep, including that of our versatile leader, RM.

He's been feeding us with visual contents that are very much Instagram-worthy,and he keeps us wanting more every time! What if Namjoon has his own IG account? We've already pictured it in our heads, and we think that it would look this way:

1. Natural palette

There will be so much green, blue, brown, beige, and other neutral colors, therefore, creating a minimalist theme for his feed. It's going to look neat and cozy, that's for sure!

Photos from @BTS_twt

2. 'Namjooning' content

If you know the BTS rapper, he loves Mother Nature -plants and sky- museum hopping, arts, and riding bikes. So, yes, perhaps we can expect much pure goodness from Namjoon being just Namjoon. We're looking forward to get a glimpse of his bonsai!

3. #KimDaily comeback

Namjoon is known for keeping his off-stage looks to a laid back yet chic street style. Think cap, shorts, denim, statement cardigans ,or jackets, above anything, casual and comfort. His IG will be our next source of outfit inspo.

4. Long telling captions

His words have such great power not only in writing songs but also in touching countless people. He always knows the right things to say, a perfect person to follow during these hard times. We can't also wait for him talk about his day, no matter how long it'll be.

With so much potential, it would only make sense for Namjoon to be on Instagram. That's not to say that we don't follow their group's account. We do, but a personal one from Namjoon won't hurt, too. Maybe someday?

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