What "Through Night & Day" Taught Us About Saying Goodbye to the People We Love

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at July 15, 2020

Released two years ago, yet romance film Through Night & Day are just hitting Filipinos today, leaving their eyes bawling and their hearts breaking. The reactions are understandable having watched the journey of engaged couple Ben (Paolo Contis) and Jen (Alessandra de Rossi) firsthand as they make their way to the latter's dream destination, Iceland - a trip that's supposed bring the two stronger but, sadly, only tore them apart.

For the way it explores the subject of love, the movie truly melts hearts. But, more than anything, it's worth appreciating for instilling on us the art of saying goodbye. That it doesn't have to be bitter and full of pain. It can be beautiful like this:

1. End it with an acceptable reason.

Ben and Jen aren't much on the same page the whole time of their travel, inevitably resulting to their breakup. Setting aside what Jen's actually going through and Ben being oblivious about it, ending things for that reason is justifiable no matter how long they've been together. Because, in the end, time won't define the strength of the relationship, it's often rather the level of understanding and acceptance of each other's difference. If you can't do that, let it go.

2. Be happy for each other.

It's hard -- saying that you are happy for your ex once you seem them moving on with another person. That's why we salute Jen for not carrying any grudges and not seeking revenge against Ben. Instead, she wishes him happiness even if that "happiness," doesn't include her. This is true love not only towards the person that got away, but towards yourself, as welcoming this kind of change will give you inner peace.

3. Continue loving them.

Really, it's not a stupid thing to do. Ben and Jen did after breaking up and after all the tears. They didn't even try to stop it or even turn their relationship again into something that's more than being exes who are always there for each other. Because, no matter what, they know they can't take away the fact that they were part of each other's life. So, yeah. Keep loving and caring for them. Accept that love like that exists, the one that never fades.

4. Look at it as a new beginning.

You might not be able to realize it at first, with all the pain that you've felt, but, truly, breaking up can mean a fresh start just like it is for Ben and Jen. For one, they've learned to pay attention, realized their mistakes, what they should've done, and what they've lost. Thus, they earned the chance to redeem their relationship even in a different way. Remind yourself that the split only called the relationship quits but not your whole life. What you thought was an ending could be a beautiful beginning.

Some people are meant to come to your life but not to stay forever. If the day comes when they decide to leave, allow yourself to be hurt. But, more importantly, find the strength in you to move on and bid a beautiful goodbye. That is the kind of closure that nothing can come close to.

And if you're ready to witness one, watch Through Night & Day now streaming on Netflix.

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