5 Times Go Moon Young Of "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" Sent Jang Man Wol Vibes

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at July 13, 2020

After a year since Hotel Del Luna premiered, we still haven't gotten over the series' point-black lessons about life - and death - and more than anything, we're still head over heels its iconic protagonist Jang Man Wol. If that's the case for you, too, then you should watch It's Okay To Not Be Okay next because not only does it make one reflect realistically on life, but it also revolves around a character named Go Moon Young who undoubtedly channels Man Wol's vibes.

The two stand out in their own special rights, but, in some ways, are one and the same. Here's how:

1. Their wardrobes are next level.

While Man Wol's is more vintage-y and Moon Young's is going more on the luxurious modern direction, guaranteed both of their outfits will leave anyone's jaws dropping once they see it.

2. They're the epitome of girl power.

Nothing says straightforward than Man Wol and Moon Young. They spill what's on their minds truthfully, even if sometimes it may sound like criticisms and hurt the other sides' feelings. They don't budge. Above all, they can unapologetically fight for themselves.

3. They're both cold-hearted women who just want to be loved.

Showing affection isn't their best asset. But deep inside their cold fronts that make people misunderstand them, they're just soft women seeking for true love, afraid to get attached because they might get disappointed in the end. The way they express themselves may often be the opposite of what they really feel.

4. Only true love can keep them calm.

Being tough also means not wanting to lose any battles for Man Wol and Moon Young. So when things get harder to handle, they tend to be impulsive and explode. But with the person who truly cares for them, they can be kept in check. Goo Chan Sung and Gang Tae are their refuge.

5. Both threw the most hard-hitting lines.

With their equally dark yet different past they've been through, it seems these two know life best more than everyobody else. They probably hurt deep and are hard to accept, but, let's admit it: what they say about each person being flawed and life being harsh are what reality truly is.

We don't know if Hotel Del Luna's "Blue Moon" sequel will ever come, but, at least, we have It's Okay To Not Be Okay's Moon Young right now to continue, in one way or another, the legacy that Man Wol left. Long live these queens!

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