7 Times Twice Went Beyond the Cutesy Concept

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at July 03, 2020

Chances are, you've known Twice for their seriously infectious hits "Cheer Up," "Yes or Yes," "TT," and "Likey" which may give you the picture that this K-pop girl group is all about bubbly pop and cutesy concepts. Well, they are, and, by now, it just comes naturally off them. And we see nothing wrong with that as it what makes them stand out, after all.

But we may have to defend that through their five years in the scene, Twice has managed to explore themes outside of that endearing zone, hence, pull off distinct sounds and a rich discography that suit all nine members' diverse visuals and talent. Let's celebrate Twice's versatility with the songs below:

1. "Like OOH-AHH"

Off their debut EP The Story Begins, the track has an edgy hip hop vibe and flatters the apocalyptic music video concept just right - that, despite the brightly colored approach on outfits. The fact that it catapulted Twice to the Billboard charts is also saying something.

Courtesy: JYP Entertainment

2. "The Best Thing I Ever Did"

The now-global group brought out a sweet-sounding piece during the Christmas season of 2018 entitled "The Best Thing I Ever Did," where the girls let on their memories together thus, igniting a nostalgic feeling to listeners. 

Courtesy: JYP Entertainment

3. "Touchdown"

This track from their second extended play Page Two is still stuck in our heads after four years for reasons that are far from being just "cute." It has on-point powerful tunes and confidence-inducing lyrics. It was a cultural reset in Twice's music, that's what it is.

Courtesy: Mnet K-POP

4. "Fake & True"

A mix of retro and synth-pop elements and a motivating message to "never give up," this Japanese single has truly become unforgettable to fans. Even the music video itself is a sensation as it features an alluring quality backdrop and members in high-class fashion.

Courtesy: TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel

5. "Breakthrough"

It's safe to say that Twice exceeded our expectations in this electro-pop Japanese song by parading the fearlessly independent women they have turned into, at the center of a neon-aesthetic summer night and a positive message to aim for the limitless future.

Courtesy: TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel

6. "Feel Special"

It's nearly impossible and unacceptable to play down this 2019 smash, especially not with the groovy beat, sentimental story, and comforting meaning. The members' individual concept and scenes in the music video are dynamic alone. What's there to argue?

Courtesy: JYP Entertainment

7. "More & More"

Twice put 2020 to a halt as they carried off a bold and at the same time pure demeanor in their "More & More" comeback. The visuals took inspiration from biblical imagery and garbs were of hippie style. This is enough receipt of the group's wide spectrum today.

Courtesy: JYP Entertainment

Everyone loves - or at least wasn't able to resist - Twice's bubblegum genre but that won't stop them from evolving. They are capable of showing more. Case in point: Y'all shouldn't be sleeping on the many sides of Twice and box them up in one concept. If there's one constant about them, it's that their whole discography is a bop.

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