Girls Generation's YOONA, LEE HYORI Apologize For Karaoke Hangout

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at July 02, 2020

Girls' Generation's YoonA and Lee Hyori faced criticism after going to karaoke together while South Korea is still observing social distancing precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yoona wrote a letter of apology and shared it on Instagram. "Hello, this is Lim YoonA. First of all, I am sincerely reflecting on myself for causing concern due to my careless action. I apologize."

"My thoughts and judgment were poor during this period when everyone is having a hard time and should be careful. I will put in much effort to act more cautiously from now on.

"I am deeply reflecting for not being attentive of the medical professionals and people of the nation who continue to work hard for COVID-19. I once again apologize for causing concern to everyone…" she wrote.

Hyori also apologized and promised to reflect on her actions and took responsibility for being an older sister to YoonA. "I’ve been too excited these days, so I was not able to think deeply about my actions. As an unnie, I also feel sorry to YoonA. In the future, I will be more careful and behave more cautiously. Once again, I would like to apologize."

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