Why We're Team Junghwan In "Reply 1988"

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at June 25, 2020

Smart, straighforward, sweet, and gentle Choi Taek of Reply 1988? Of course, we love him, and we'll even take him for ourselves. But the same goes for the elusively endearing Kim Junghwan. He might be bad at timing and risk-taking, but you can't deny that he has his own charms: an adorable son, a reliable friend, and an unfailing shoulder to lean on.

On top of that, we must admit that someone stoic and complicated will, oddly enough, always have a special place in our hearts. Yep, we're Team Junghwan, and here's why we think it's worth being on this side:

1. He silently cares for the people he loves. Junghwan always waited for Duk Seon to get home, bought her the gloves she wanted, and stayed up late to give Duk Seon an umbrella because it's raining. He pays attention. Junghwan's not good with words but truly his actions speak louder than the whole dictionary.

2. He knows when to be selfless. Junghwan appears indifferent, not the kind who will easily give in to his father's amusing presidential greeting. But when the situation calls, he knows when to give up that coolness and be there for the people who need him. That one time his dad was sad, he allowed himself to salute to him and in Duk Seon's request, he danced in front of an all-girls high school. He's all you need if you're not that demanding.

3. He's more than willing to protect her girl. Remember all the bus rides? Especially that one when he stood behind Duk Seon so she won't fall down and just let his veins pop out during the intensely bumpy trip. He did that without second thoughts. And, yep, we adore him for that because as much as girls want to be strong and independent, there are still times that we want to be taken care of.

4. For him, you definitely are special. Again, Junghwan doesn't have the courage to admit his feelings. We can't blame him, that's natural. It even happens to the best of us. However, it's just right that we him credit for every little sweet thing he did for Duk Seon. He treated her special, even the pink shirt she gifted him that he said wasn't his type, and kept her picture on his wallet. We might be the only witness to that but all those still count.

Reply 1988 really is a complete package: It has the touch of family, friendship, romance ,and it has Kim Junghwan, who despite not getting the girl in the 2015 K-drama, is dating Lee Hyeri A.K.A. Duk Seon in real life. We guess it's still a win for us Team Junghwan.

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