Why You Should Consider Vlogging According to Benedict Cua

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at June 24, 2020

Without a doubt, there's already an abundance of promising vloggers in the world at the moment, but the numbers shouldn't stop you from bringing your own creative offering to the table. Why don't you start out with it right now? It's a big leap to take in life, sure. It can be terrifying, but, just the same, there are many fulfilling benefits that it can bring you.

If we can't convince you, we'll leave it to YouTuber Benedict Cua. He started creating content in 2018 when he was at the lowest point of his life. And the way he talked about it during a MYXclusive interview, it's safe to say, it's by far the best decision he ever did.

Hear about the great things that Benedict gained from vlogging that might just get you to do it, too:

1. He was able to support himself. He originally studied Business in college and even jumped into his family's construction venture. However, Benedict felt, "Parang may kulang. Hindi ako masyadong nag-eenjoy." Hence, he got into vlogging and, though his parents didn't at first understand the worth of his craft. Soon, he started earning, as good as in his previous job, for himself.

2. He overcame his fear of public speaking. Benedict admitted that he's awkward and not much of a fan of talking to an audience. So, he put a lot of work into getting it under control and vlogging was what served as his platform to do it. "Kapag na-realize mong 'yung kausap mo camera hindi hundreds of people, you would be more composed," he advised. "Practice lang talaga."

3. He gets to touch people's lives. Entering the scene, Benedict inevitably counts as an influencer, being watched and heard by over a million of YouTube subscribers. His broad reach makes him capable of connecting with people through his personally touched content. "Share your experiences and hopefully, 'di ba, makaapekto siya sa ibang tao." And that exactly aligns with the purpose he's been searching for his whole life: Touching people's lives.

4. He finds real happiness. Ever feel stuck, bored, and unsatisfied in days that seem to be just going over and over again that we're almost at the point of losing the reason to cease it? It happened to Benedict, and he chose to end it. "With vlogging, routinary in a sense na hindi siya nakakasawa," he shared. "Every vlog iba-iba, everyday namimeet mo iba-ibang tao, ibang topic yung naiisip mo." Now, here he is, happier in his new-found career than ever.

Take it this way: This year - particularly this time in quarantine - is about reflecting on yourself. If you feel confused and restless, it could be that where you are now is not what's meant for you. Get out of there and try out new things. It won't be easy but what's the wors that can happen aside from not giving it a shot?

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