Cebu-Based Artist SEPIA TIMES Wants Better Appreciation For Artists From Outside Manila

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at June 24, 2020

There's no taking away "Cebu pride" from the bio of electronic duo Sepia Times. Although it does put a certain pressure on them, it's the least of their worries. If there's anything they're more concerned about, it's inclusivity in music.

During a MYXclusive interview with VJs Ai dela Cruz and Samm Alvero, Sepia Times member and producer Luigi Balazo explained, "I don't get tired of being described as 'this band from Cebu.' What bothers me is that people have misconceptions of what music, bands, or artists are like when they hear that."

"I know for a fact that some people, when they know that the band is from, for example, Cebu or some other places not Manila, they tend to not be as receiving... It happens," he admitted.

Luigi even recalled being part of another group prior to Sepia Times that prefers not to be introduced as a Cebu-based band but now, he stated, "In Sepia Times, I absolutely have no problem with that because when we play songs on stage, more or less, we always change people's minds."

As a Cebuano artist himself, Luigi wishes for better appreciation for their music. "We have just as much variety of artists as anywhere else in the Philippines," he said. "I just want people to be more open to other music of other cities in the Philippines."

Watch the full MYXclusive interview here where Luigi also discussed their new single "Pills" which is dropping tomorrow (June 25), and more!

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