3 Things I'd Like to Say to My Dad Who is Now in Heaven

Maan de Vera
Posted at June 19, 2020


Celebrating father’s day when your dad has already passed away is a special kind of pain. It’s a reminder that you’re very lucky to have had him in your life, but it’s also a wake-up call that he is no longer physically with you. But hey, it’s still a day created to celebrate them, right? So, for a moment, let’s pretend that we can have a conversation with them.

Here are the things I’d tell my dad if I could:

1. I wish you were here.

Many milestones have passed without you. In each of those I’ve wondered  what you’d say or do if you were here with us. Things have never been the same since you left. I still look for your wisdom whenever I have problems, and I still yearn for your embrace whenever I am sick. Sure, there were happy moments, too. But it feels incomplete because I didn’t get to share any of those with you.

2. I hope I’m making you proud.

In every decision that I make, I find myself asking if that’s the path that you’d want me to take. Whatever I choose to do is for you. It hurts so much that we’re apart now that I’m slowly reaching my dreams. But I want you to know that all of this is for you because you were the one who believed in me since day one, and everything that you’ve taught me will be my guide until the very end.


3. I wish we had more time.

I can’t help but look at the other kids during Father's Day and envy them. It sinks in that I’ll never get the chance to surprise you, give you presents, and repay everything that you’ve done for me. I’ll never get the chance to see you smile, hear you sing, and simply be with you again. Although there are many things that I can’t do with you anymore, I want you to know that I will always hold on to our memories whenever I ache for you.

Although cut short, I will always be grateful that we got to spend a beautiful lifetime together. I may no longer have my dad on occasions like this, but I am 100% sure that your love for me will remain alive no matter what. And I know that you're still looking after me from wherever you may be right now.

Happy Father’s Day, daddy! I love you.

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