JIMIN Thanks Fans On BTS' 7th Anniversary: "I Don't Know How Far We Can Go But We Won't Stop"

Karen Jane Ng
Posted at June 15, 2020

BTS officially turned seven last June 13 and Jimin couldn't just let it pass by without saying his 'thank you' to ARMYs.

On their official fancafe, Jimin wrote, "Everyone, it's been a while right? I used to come on fancafe very often and leave a letter, too. It feels like it;s been a while since I came home."

"I wanted to say that I sincerely thank the ARMYs who were together with us until our 7th anniversary," he continued. "There's so many memories that I've made with you all and that made me think that seven years is never a short time."

"Usually people are thankful for the time called 'today' that they've spent together but when it comes to you all, the time we expressed together is 'seven years'. So how could we not be thankful to you all?"

On behalf of his members, Jimin promised, "I don't know how far we can go, but we won't stop and we'll work hard to keep going forward. I will not forget that our team us able to exist because you all are with us."

Jimin's letter came after their successful Bang Bang Con The Live online concert which garnered over 750,000 viewers worldwide. If you're one of those people then feel free to make some noise!

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